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    [MJ Fanfic] Roxanne Chapter 1


    Shocking Info! [MJ Fanfic] Roxanne Chapter 1

    Post by Snowbunny on Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:33 am

    This is a series I wrote a while ago about Michael and a girl named Roxanne. It's set in the Bad era. The website I originally wrote the series on is called 'The Michael Machine'/

    I could barely breathe – all these girls were crushing me trying to get closer and closer to Michael. It was January 28, 1989, the day after Michael’s last show for the Bad World Tour. I had watched him perform last night with a passion. His moves were electrifying, entertaining, beautiful, crazy, but, most of all, sexual. My eyes were practically glued to his crotch – I mean, he kept touching himself, so my eyes were bound to wander.

    I had dreams about him caressing my body close and touching me the way he touched himself onstage. Lets just say that when I woke up, my panties were wet.
    I rushed out of the group of girls trying to cling on to Mr. Jackson as fast as I could; I was going to be late for an audition with an important Broadway director. I rushed inside the lobby and ran inside two double doors in the nick of time.
    “And who are you?” asked a short, chubby man with whiskers on his chin.
    “I’m Roxanne DuBois. It’s an honor to be here, sir.”
    His face relaxed once he heard who I was.
    “Oh! Miss Roxanne! I’m glad you could make it!” he came over and shook my hand. “May I ask why you were almost late?”
    “Michael Jackson was outside, and the doorway was jammed with people trying to get to him. I really do apologize though.” I replied sincerely.
    “There’s no need, Roxanne. Lets just get your audition over with!” He exclaimed joyfully.
    I danced my ass off for twenty whole minutes. I showed the man what I could do with confidence, brilliance, determination, and modesty all at once. My name was spreading around the Hollywood scene because of this talent. I kept people wanting more, and, if I kept it up, I knew I would go far. Without the aid of publicity or even an agent, my star was rising higher and higher.
    “That’s enough, Miss Roxanne. You’ve got the job.”
    My jaw dropped open in surprise. Of course I knew I was going to get the job, but you’ve got to be nice in this type of business. No one likes a bitchy, arrogant pushover.
    “Come this way – We’ve got to get you checked in for costume and makeup. And by the way, my name is Charles Latrome. It’s a great pleasure to meet someone with your talents.”
    I thanked him for his compliments as he led me down a narrow hallway in the back of the dance studio. Soon we came to a wide door that had my name on it! Wow! He wasn’t kidding when he said I had the part! We stepped inside and chatted with the makeup and costume designers, Kimmy and Kel. They were so nice that we became friends right off the bat.
    They evaluated me, spinning me around and around, measuring my cocoa brown skin and dark brown eyes the most. Kimmy fluffed my hair, running her hands through it to find any tangles; Kel measured my tiny waist, curves, arm length, and even my neck.
    “Charles, Kim, Kel, we need you all to leave this room for a little while. Roxanne, someone important would like to meet you.” A man dressed in black stuck his head in.
    Me? What famous person would like to meet me? I thought to myself.
    I motioned for the man dressed in black to send whoever it was in. And that’s when I almost stopped breathing.
    “Hi, Miss DuBois! I’m Michael Jackson! I’m a big fan of your work.” He said excitedly.
    To Be Continued…
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    Shocking Info! Re: [MJ Fanfic] Roxanne Chapter 1

    Post by Veronica4MJ on Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:05 am

    Ooh this is really nice! I hope you post more of it!

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    Shocking Info! Re: [MJ Fanfic] Roxanne Chapter 1

    Post by Stacey on Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:16 pm

    That's great. I hope you post some more.

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    Shocking Info! Re: [MJ Fanfic] Roxanne Chapter 1

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