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    General Disscussion Rules


    Shocking Info! General Disscussion Rules

    Post by Snowbunny on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:58 am

    Please make sure to follow these rules when posting in this forum. The rules presented below may be subject to change or additions will be made.

    • Please refrain from creating topics that might create trouble between members. If you would like to discuss a topic about Michael Jackson that might be offensive to some, please do so in the 'Sensitive Subjects' forum.
    • This forum is for discussions about Michael Jackson (or those related to/affiliated with him). If you would like to talk about something off topic (not pertaining to Michael and/or his relations), do so here.
    • All multimedia posts (video or picture threads) must be in the 'Life In Motion' (Pictures) or 'A Moving Enigma' (Videos) subforums.
    • Do not post pictures or videos that are related to "mikegasms" or adult-rated content, as some members may be offended or are too young to view such content. Doing so will result in your topic being moved to the 'Dangerous Penmanship' subforum and a warning if you are not a member of the Dangerous Penmanship Club.

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